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Anonymous sent: Can I submit my Andy fanfic smut here? Is that okay? Maybe? c:

Sure! :D 

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nostahpu sent: I love your account more than food. lol jk but you're and amazing writer

Really? That is too much love <3 hahahah  thank you!

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Hello girls, this is just a quick update to let you know that I read all the cute messages you leave me in the askbox and that I read all the requests too. It’s just that this are getting kinda complicated. Nothing to worry about, actually, I’m really happy! This is my last year of high school and I’m going to university the next year. And I have all my energies in spending time with my friends from high school, organizing the senior year parties and shit. At the same time, I’m trying to concentrate in the next year, trying to study hard and all that…

So, I’m sorry for not updating :(( I loved all the requests and I can’t wait to write them. But my head is in another part right now. 

Anyway, tomorrow is friday and I have the weekened so I might be here. But I just wanted to explain why I’ve been gone. 

Love you girls, thanks for the support <3

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imaginethebvbboys sent: I really need some help on a smut request I got it'll be my first smut imagine and idk what to do help meeeee pleaseeeeee :3 x

I’m sorry I just read this, and I guess you already made it. Sorry for the late answer :(( 

btw, my smuts are horrible hahaha

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Last night I wrote two imagines that have been requested. But I don’t know if i should upload them because………. iwashighasfuck and they’re horrible

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imaginethebvbboys sent: Hi I've just started my blog but for some reason my ask box won't work please help me :3 x

Hey! You’ve to go to settings and there you’ll find a thing that says “Let people ask questions” :)

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Hey girls! What’s up? Just a quick update to let you know that the imagines will be posted soon, maybe tomorrow or saturday. I’m really busy doing school works, a lot of tests and shit because I was sick and I’ve been in my house for one week and I missed a lot of stuff and now I feel so lost D: soooooooo, keep sending requests if you want! I’ll make them as soon as I can.


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anonymous asked:

Since you’re sick, how about a fluffy sick fic with whoever you want to write? That okay?

CC was laughing so loud, he had me soooo tired. “Can you stop?” I said pretending to look mad. “Sorry, your nose looks so red and it’s funny the way you talk.” He said trying to hold his laugh. “No! It’s not funny.” He laughed again. “Do???” Andy started to make fun of me too. “I love the way you sound when you have flu.” He kissed my forehead. “It’s not funny for me, I can’t breathe well.” I pouted. “You’ll get better if you take the pills the doctor gave you.” Jake said standing up. He reached me a pill from the coffee table. “Thanks Jake.” I said as i took the pill. 

"Dinner’s ready" Andy screamed in the kitchen. "Great, i’m so hungry!" I exclaimed. But when i saw what was in the table i felt like throw up. "Really Andy?? soup???" He pouted. "I thought you’d like it." And Ashley replied "No one likes soup, Andy." I gave Ashley a high 5. "I like soup" Jinxx said. "And you listen to classical music…" CC replied. We laughed, except Jinxx, of course. "Anyway, soup will make you feel better (Y/N)" Andy said. "Yeah… whatever" I said.

We all ate what Andy cooked (it was horrible) and everybody went to watch TV. But my head was hurting like hell to do that too. “I’m going to bed, i’m not feeling good.” I whispered. “Okay babe, I’ll be there in a second.” Andy said, and kissed me.

I went to the bedroom I shared with Andy and lied in the bed. I was so cold. “Do you want another sheet?” Andy asked. “Nope. Just come here and hug me.” I whispered, he smiled. 

We cuddled until we fell asleep

Anonymous sent: Could you write something along the line of Knives and Pens... Where bvb help the kid who self harms please?

Yep, somebody sent me a similar request. I’ll make it as soon as i can :)

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