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Hey guys!

What’s up? Just wanted to talk a little bit about a couple stuff i wrote on my Manson blog too. 

I want to apologize because i know i update the requests REALLY late. I read them all and think about them a lot, and how could i work on it. 

The truth is, I’m not feeling too confident about my english actually.

I’m very good at reading, but when i have to write i feel like i’m a mess…

do you think my grammar is good?

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music-obsessed-18 asked:

can you do a imagine where Andy is away on tour and (Y/N) and him have a little girl or (Y/N) is pregnant and he comes up and surprises you and there’s lots of fluff?

"Daddy!!!" your little girl screamed, causing you to wake up. You got out of the bed to realize Andy was standing in the front door with a big smile on his face. He let go all the bags and went to hug your 2 years old girl, and she started to cry of happiness. "No, baby girl, don’t cry" Andy whispered, you noticed a few tears in his face. "I missed you so much. I’m not going to another tour without you" He kissed me. "I missed you too Andy. Well, WE missed you." He smiled. "I can’t believe this" He said looking to our little girl. I smiled. "Come on, let’s get all this bags upstairs" I said. We carried all his bags "Ahh, finally here." He said lying in our bed. He grabbed me by my hips causing me to fall by his side. I hugged him. "I hate when you go on tour" He smiled. "I’m sorry i’m selfish. But we really can’t live without you" I said. He buried his face on my neck. "You know i can’t either, so the next tour you’ve to come" I kissed him. And then, the little girl appeared on the door "play with me!" she told Andy. "Baby, daddy must be tired." I explained, she pouted. "No, it’s ok. What if we go to the park?" He asked "Yayyy!!!" she said.

We spent the whole afternoon in the park. “Okay darling, say goodbye to your new friends. It’s time to go” I said. 

Minutes later we went to our house, Andy was exhausted and so was our girl. I carried her to her room where she fall asleep very quickly. 

I made some sandwiches for Andy and grabbed his favorite Batman episodes. “Oh, i missed watching Batman with you soooooooo much” He said, i laughed. I lied with him on the bed and he hugged me, we watched some episodes till we fell asleep in each other arms

Hey I Love your imagines.! Can you do one where andy and you have been dating for like 2 years and your an actress. So you get a part where you have to be naked then you tell andy but he gets really mad. Like a lot then you you tell him that it’s not even his decision and that your doing it anyways. Like you just wanted him to know. And you guys have angry sex. And you end up not doing the part just to make him happy.?

"But Andy!" - You exclaimed. "No way, (Y/N) I can’t stand the thought of another man touching you, and all the world seeing you naked" He screamed. "This is not even your decision, it’s MY body, it’s MY job. Just like your job, a bunch of teenagers girls completely in love with you, dreaming of having you. Do you think I like when they insult me? Do you think I like to know how much they want to have you? No!!" You cried, super angry. You loved the BVB Army, of course. But you were tired of the fangirls too, anyway it wasn’t something you’d complain usually, you were just angry about the whole situation, trying to hurt Andy somehow. "Don’t ever talk like that about my fans." He said motionless. "A-andy i…" He interrupted you. "Shut up (Y/N). I don’t want to hear you anymore. Do whatever the fuck you want. We’re done." He said without looking at you. "I don’t want a fucking whore by my side. Do all the porn movies you want to. It doesn’t matter now, not my fucking problem anymore." He ran as he said that. Leaving you in the living room completely shocked. How could he say something like that? He called you a whore and overreacted about the nude scene. This wasn’t your Andy.

You fall in the couch and started to cry, you cried so much your eyes hurted, then you fall asleep.

Last thing you remember was the feeling of two hands grabbing your body, carrying you to some place. 

Hours later you woke up in your bed, only in your underwear. You opened your eyes and the first thing you saw was a shirtless Andy, looking like shit, he was still beautiful as always thought. 

You grabbed him by the face and kissed him with so much passion and climbed on the top of him. His hands were everywhere, while you burried your hands in his hair. He started to massage your breasts and then, you took off your bra. And suddenly your underwear and his clothes were all in the floor. 

Without warning he entered in you, he started to fuck you so hard you had tears in your eyes. He grabbed you by the neck, squeezing a little bit. “Sometimes you make me hate you so much” he said. “I still love you, no matter what” you whispered, he slapped you. Minutes later you both came. He lied in the bed, without looking at you. You hugged him. And finally he looked at you “I’m sorry” he said with tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry too. You know I don’t mean the things I said” you explained. “I know, we both do the same when we’re angry.” You nodded. “I’m not going to make the movie” you said, he froze. “(Y/N) if that makes you happy, i’ll understand…” He looked at your eyes. “I don’t want to do it anymore.” He smiled, and asked “Really?” “Yes. You’re the only one who can see me naked. I love you, Andrew” He smiled again. “That turns me so much” You both laughed. “I love you too (Y/N)” He said, and kissed you.

Shoot myself to love you, if I loved myself I’d be shooting you

Okay guys, since many of you requested a second part -it wasn’t on my plans doing this- i wrote it! I hope you like it <3

Part 2

I was at a mall with my best friend, she thought it was a good idea to buy some clothes and have a girls day since I couldn’t stop thinking and crying for Andy. 

This situation wasn’t helping at all, this mall was near his house, which i never knew, but he told me that it was near his home, trying to explain where he lived because i never went to that part of our town. 

My best friend froze when he saw Andy and Juliet. I tried to act normal, pretending I didn’t see him, but he was staring at me, while Juliet enter to a shop. My friend did the same, leaving us alone, staring at each other, without approach or even trying to speak. I tried to go to another shop but he grabbed my by my arm. “(Y/N)” He whispered. “What do you want?” I asked pissed. “I just want to apologize.” He explained. “Well, it’s too late to apologize, Andrew. You broke my heart, you left me when I most needed you, without saying a word.” I started to cry. He pulled me in a hugh, but I froze again, not knowing that to do. “Why you left me?!? Why?!?” I asked in desperation for an explanation. “Don’t cry, (Y/N). Please, it still breaks my heart” He said, I was about to say something but then, Juliet appeared. “Who is this, Andy?” She asked, pissed, I could tell she was jealous. Andy froze without knowing what to say. Should he break my heart again? Shoul he break Juliet’s? “Sorry Juliet. I’ll explain later” He grabbed my arm and started running, causing me to follow him. “Can you tell me where are we going?” I asked a bit shocked.

Minutes later, without talking, we came to a house i could tell it was his home.

"I’m so sorry for everything, (Y/N). I loved you, I still do, I’ve never stoped doing it. But Juliet came to my life and I liked her, I had sex with her and then, I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I betrayed you, and I couldn’t tell you." He explain. "So… what happens now?" I asked. "Whatever you want" He replied me. "I would die for another chance, to make this okay. But if you don’t want, I’ll understand" He said looking to the ground, I could tell he was nervous and sad, regretting everything that he did. "Let’s start all over again and see how things work out." I said, he smiled. 

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